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IIPM Reviews

IIPM Review on its Courses

1 .What are the courses offered by IIPM?

IIPM offers a Full Time Programme in Planning and Entrepreneurship. Students who typically join the same after graduation do a 20 month (18 month Programme + 2 month of Project) programme at IIPM while students who want to join the same after 10+2, do the three year programme.

2. Are the IIPM programmes similar to MBA/MBE programmes offered by other business schools?
No. IIPM from the very beginning has maintained that its programmes are far superior in content and intellect to MBA/MBE programmes offered by other business schools. IIPM programmes are a globally unique combination of entrepreneurship, economics (with focus on national and international economic planning), management and marketing. Even in rigor the IIPM programme is far ahead of MBA programmes taught anywhere else in the world. The IIPM programme is a 200 credit programme, while MBA programmes across the world are typically 66 to 120 credits maximum. To know more about IIPM courses we highly recommend that you read the course content link on our website.


1. How does one apply to IIPM?

IIPM advertisements come out regularly in all the leading newspapers in India. Once you see the ads. You decide which session to join i.e., Fall- Winter or Spring Summer. Accordingly one can obtain the IIPM prospectus from IIPM offices by hand or by post. IIPM highly recommends that prospective students visit IIPM branches themselves, talk to the counselors/ Deans and also speak to existing students to find out about the world-class education imparted at IIPM.

2. Does it cost to buy an application form?
No. IIPM application forms are available for free whether by hand or by post.


Is the IIPM admission test similar to the CAT or the GMAT?

No. IIPM admission test is a unique composition of a written test followed by a group discussion and a personal interview. All students have to go through all the three. This difference is there since IIPM believes – and world wide studies prove the same- that to become a great future entrepreneur or manager a high EQ is far more important than just high IQ. Therefore while the written test tests the IQ as well as EQ, the group discussion and personal interview are focused more on an applicants EQ. For more details please refer to the selection process link on the website.


Does an IIPM student get bank loans.

Yes. Most banks in India accept an IIPM admission letter as ground for its education loans. However IIPM has its financial partners as well, who guarantee loans to all students who get selected at IIPM. So basically it means that if you get selected at IIPM then you can study at IIPM regardless of your financial condition.


1. Do all IIPM students go for the global internship programme of IIPM (GOTA) to various countries abroad?

Yes. All students who join IIPM go for its global internship programme to various developed countries of the world.

2. For how many days does the programme last?
Students joining the 20 month (18 month Programme + 2 month of Project) programme are taken for a fortnight (it may last even for 12 days depending on connectivity and ticket availabilities. For students joining the Three Year Programme it lasts for a week in their first year of studies and for an additional fortnight in their 2nd/ 3rd year of studies.

3. Do the students need to pay additionally for anything?
Yes. For their personal shopping!! All other expenses (minus the passport making and visa expenses) are borne by the institute. That actually includes airfare, boarding, lodging, tuition, inter city transport for various classes and industry visits.. almost everything one can possibly think of!!

4. Do foreign faculty from leading business schools abroad come to take classes at IIPM?
Yes. Faculty from almost all of the top twenty B- schools have come to teach at various branches of IIPM. A shortlist of faculty who have taken classes at IIPM is there in the Global Faculty link in our website.

5. Do they come only to take lectures on individual topics or they also take the entire subject?

Yes they come primarily to share their thoughts on topics closest to their hearts and topics they have mastered in. However, they also come at times to take the entire subject as well. An example of the same is Investment Banking Course at IIPM. The entire course is taught by faculty from the National University of Singapore (NUS).


1. Does AICTE/UGC recognize IIPMs programme in planning and entrepreneurship?

No. IIPM has never sought recognition from any statutory bodies and is proud of its world class course contents. Students bothered about statutory recognition of IIPMs programmes need not apply to IIPM. The exceptional education that IIPM imparts and the excellent placements offered to IIPM graduates year after year is proof of the massive industry recognition of IIPM’s courses.

2. Does IIPM award an MBA/BBA degree?
No. In India degrees can be awarded only by universities and therefore just like the IIMs, even IIPM (which is not an university) does not offer an MBA/BBA degree. Our courses being superior in contents to regular MBA programmes does not merit the same either. In fact IIPM has never sought any kind of statutory recognition from any government body ever. The value of the IIPM certificate lies in the excellent Course content and also placements that IIPM students get year after year and in the no. of students who put their faith in the IIPM programme every year. However students who do the IIPM programme in Planning and Entrepreneurship become eligible for a Post Graduate Degree in Management (comparable to MBA) / Graduate Degree in Management (comparable to BBA) from the International Management Institute in Brussels, Europe. For further details on IMI please log on to . IMI gives the same to IIPM students in recognition of the excellence of IIPM programmes independently to those students who apply for it.


1. When do placements start and how long do they last?

Placements for the spring summer batch typically starts in October and gets over by the end of February. Placements of the Fall winter batch starts by December and gets over by end of april. Most of the students are of course placed at least two months before the end of the placement season. The IIPM placements last a little longer than normal business school placements because a majority of companies who visit IIPM go to more than one campus and since during placement season as well as because while most institutes have only about 100 students, IIPM has more than 2000 students joining in all its branches put together.

2. Does IIPM guarantee placements?
No. Even the Prime Minister of the country cant guarantee jobs. Jobs depend upon the economic situation of the country at a given point of time. However past experience suggests that about 70 percent of students joining IIPM every year opt for placements as the others end up joining their own businesses or start their own ventures or go for further studies. Almost hundred percent of these 70 percent students who opt for placements every year get placed before they pass out of IIPM. IIPM does not have a maximum interview criteria for any student. Students are given a chance to sit for interviews till they get placed. Zee News termed the IIPM placements as a ”national record” in terms of the numbers in 2008. That’s IIPM’s commitment to placing students.

3. Does IIPM have global placements?
Yes. In all probabilities after the IIMs, IIPM is the institute that places maximum no. of students globally every year now. In the year 2008 the total no of students placed by IIPM internationally stood at 165. This figure did not include any inter group placements within IIPM or its associate companies.


1. Does IIPM provide similar infrastructure in all its branches?

No. IIPM has a 5 acre campus in Delhi. The Delhi campus has facilities of sprawling greens and a swimming pool etc . All other IIPM branches operate out of modern IIPM towers. They look and feel similar. They are multi storied beautiful and extremely spacious glass towers. All IIPM towers as well as the Delhi campus has facilities for sports like billiards/ pool, gymnasiums etc. However IIPM Tower in Mumbai additionally also has a roof top swimming pool. Its obvious that all IIPM branches have huge libraries, lovely cafeterias and are Wi-Fi.

2. Do students have to buy their own laptops at IIPM?
No. IIPM provides all students with FREE laptops because laptops have become a necessity for modern day world- class education.


What are the other aspects of IIPM that IIPM stands proud of?

IIPM is extremely proud of the quality of its permanent faculty and their research and publication work. It takes out 5 of the most world class management and economy journals that come out of India. They are highly respected, sought after and leading authorities of various subjects contribute regularly for them. IIPM faculty members also give research and editorial inputs for leading business magazines of India BUSINESS AND ECONOMY and 4Ps BUSINESS AND MARKETING as well as the leading technology magazine THE INDIAN PC MAGAZINE and the worlds largest language edition news weekly THE SUNDAY INDIAN. For more information on the same please go to the Research and Publications link on the IIPM website or better still log on to It will prove beyond doubt IIPM’s superiority in this sphere as well.

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