Thursday, January 17, 2008

IIPM International Student Exchange Programme


Under the International Student Exchange Programme at IIPM, Undergraduate and Graduate students of management institutes and universities from all across the world visit the IIPM campuses in India for a duration varying anything between three weeks to one trimester. After the successful completion of the programme, the students receive academic credits for the same.

During the entire phase of their stay, the international students who come down to the IIPM campuses need to bear the cost of their food and accommodation. Under certain cases, accommodations are provided to these students at the residences of the IIPM students to give them a feel of Indian custom and culture. IIPM charges no tuition fees for the courses offered to these students under the student exchange programme.

It is a firm belief at IIPM that the globalised world requires more managers who can effectively and efficiently function in a multi-cultural environment. This is the reason why at IIPM more stress is given to help these international students develop cross-cultural management skills, social skills and language skills. It also helps these students to explore more growth opportunities across the world.

Recent Student Exchange Initiatives at IIPM:

State University - Higher School of Economics, Moscow
Students from HSE, Moscow visited the IIPM Campus at Delhi for a period of 2 weeks to undergo an advanced course in Strategy and Marketing Management. During their stay, they got an opportunity to visit Mc. Donald’s training centre in India to understand the Mc Donald India marketing mantra and later at ITC e-Choupals in villages in Western Uttar Pradesh to understand rural marketing initiatives by one of India’s largest business conglomerate. They also enjoyed the best of Indian hospitality as they were accommodated at residences of IIPM students. This enabled the students to get a true flavor of Indianism along with the best academic inputs from the institute.

Johannes Kepler University, Linz (Austria)
16 Students from JKU, Linz, were here in campus for a month to attend 3 exclusive courses: India’s Foreign Trade, Indian Financial System and Indian Culture & Cross Cultural Management, leading to transfer of credits for the same. Apart from various lecture sessions and visits to trade bodies, cultural centres and financial institutions, the students also got an opportunity to experience the best of Indian culture-curry - they attended exclusive sessions on Yoga and Meditation. There was quite a lot of fun in store for them as they participated in various in campus activities along with the IIPM students.

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