Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shahrukh Khan became a Management guru anchoring a B- School Quiz organized by IIPM

According to Shahrukh people who are scared of failure often succeed in their lives. He added success does not teach you anything nor it can give you wisdom.But the fear of failure is the key to success.
Recently he dazzled the Koramangala Indoor Stadium, where he became a Management guru anchoring a B- School Quiz organized by IIPM.

The entire stadium was clapping and whistling in 2 minutes as soon as he started his conversation. He had spent six years of his life in Bangalore untill he moved to Delhi.

Shahrukh Khan was a complete hit with his impromptu comments but he also gave wise advice on the concept of success. He said he works hard in his life as he is scared of poverty.

SRK ended the programme by displaying his dancing skills before the audience.

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