Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Planman Stars – Event management made easy

IIPM is India’s premier B-School. IIPM was established by economic visionary Dr. M. K Chaudhuri. It ranks among the top 5 b-schools in India. The institute has 18 campuses throughout India. Planman Consulting, is the sister concern of IIPM.

Planman Consulting is India’s largest multi interest consulting and business services corporation engaging a variety of organizations, institutions and enterprises in diverse industry and government verticals. It was established by Professor Arindam Chaudhuri in 1996. Planman Consulting’s core competency remains its people. The teams that make up Planman’s projects work forces worldwide comprise of individuals who have developed competencies in specific industries. Planman’s Consulting services are utilized by a number of the Fortune 500 organizations. There are various sister concerns of Planman Consulting, namely:

Planman Media (Publishing House)
ICMR (Market Research Company)
Planman Marcom (Advertising and PR Company)
Planman Motion Pictures (Film Production House)
Planman Technologies (An IT Firm)
Planman Stars (An Event Management Company)

Planman Stars focuses on niche glamour based events, sports events and high profile entertainment and is the newest initiative of the Planman Group. Planaman’s expertise lies in connecting brands to bright starlets by providing end to end marketing solutions which helps the overall growth of the brand.

The company draw synergies from the various businesses of Planman and through them has strong networks in the entertainment and media fraternity globally. Driven by a powerful team of self motivated achievers, Planman Stars believes in making the impossible, achievable. We construct tailor made solutions that deliver in both local and global markets. Planman Stars has enhanced the image of various multi national brand in the minds of their priced customers. Backed by Planman Motion Pictures, Planman Marcom and Planman Media, the company enjoy a strong presence in the industry and through this synergy is very well networked with movie stars, rock stars, sports stars, acclaimed artists and legendary musicians. Planman Stars have a young and highly charged team, always ready to provide the client with the most innovative concepts and out of the box ideas to suit their specific requirements.

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Planman Stars, which is a part of the Planman Group, is one of India's leading sports management companies