Tuesday, February 01, 2011

IIPM Delhi: Delhi Meri Jaan - The Delhi Quiz


IIPM & DLF place saket in association with the 4Ps club of the institute conducted ‘Delhi Meri Jaan’ on 26th January 2011 .On this date , the Indian constitution came into force and thus the ‘Republic Day Of India’ is celebrated in order to honour the memory of declaration of Independence of 1930. The idea behind conducting ‘Delhi Meri Jaan’ -The Delhi Quiz’ was to salute Delhi as it completed its 100 years of being the CAPITAL OF INDIA .The quiz was designed to test the knowledge of citizens of india about their State and to see how much patriotic inclination one had towards their country .The quiz made the audience and participants realise the importance of being a democratic state in a decisive manner.

The event saw huge participation from kids to adolescents .The quiz was carried in various forms like rapid fire ,MCQs ,sample questions asked randomly to the audience etc . The Quiz focused on the history, geography, current statistics and interesting facts of Delhi. It was a wonderful sight seeing the enthusiasm and zeal in the participants as well as the public while playing the quiz . The kids were elated with gift vouchers given to the them provided by F.O.G ,Booster’s Juice etc ,while the youngsters were given IIPM goodies like mugs ,sweat shirts etc.

It was a memorable and awe- inspiring event. We promise to give you such more delightful events in the future .We also appreciate the gusto with which the participants took this eventful journey.

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