Thursday, May 26, 2011

Education beyond boundaries

IIPM BBA MBA Institute: Student Notice Board

The Indian higher education system, which had considerably stagnated for a while, is on its way to a significant transformation. Students will have access to more specialised, flexible course options, better research facilities and international perspective. They will also be able to save heavily on travel, accommodation and living expenses.

Twinning programmes
A twinning programme is one where you can do parts of the same course in two different countries. For instance, you can study at an Indian college for the first and second years and then continue the third year at a foreign university, which saves you a considerable amount of money.

Jai Hind College’s BMM faculty has tied up with Bournemouth University in the UK, whereby students have the option to study their final year at the Bournemouth campus, with an automatic scholarship of £3000. Bournemouth, known for its media courses, is also in talks with Whistling Woods International for a similar partnership. For its arts students, Jai Hind has partnered with Nottingham Trent University, UK, where students can study for one term. Similar exchanges for other science and management courses are in the pipeline.

St Xavier’s college offers a tie-up with University of Bath, UK for biotechnology programmes and with Teesside University, UK for social research and development.

HR College has collaborative courses with campuses abroad such as SP Jain Institute of Management in Singapore and Australia and New York University’s Abu Dhabi campus for BBA programmes.

Ecube Global college only has the twinning option for engineering students, where they study one year in the Thane campus and the following two years at Newcastle University, UK. These students are given a £3000 fee waiver.

SP Jain Institute of Management offers Global MBA and BBA programmes, where students can study in Mumbai, Dubai, Singapore and Sydney.
Internships, research and student exchange partnerships

Welingkar, as part of its ‘global college’ philosophy, has partners in various countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, Sweden, Germany and Denmark. These tie-ups are for research exchanges and student exchange programmes. They also have partners for internship opportunities in these countries in Germany, the USA and Sweden.

Malardalen University, Sweden: Has partnerships with the Welingkar’s B-school for exchange programmes, and has a collaborative ‘Innovation centre’ where business ideas are incubated.

The Swedish university is also in talks with Mumbai University for partnerships at the Masters and PhD level, and to set up a ‘technology park’ for research in innovation technology, and an incubation center. Also exploring partnerships with IIT Bombay, XLRI.

IIT-Bombay has also signed a partnership with Brown University, USA for student exchanges slated to start 2011.

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