Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Arindam Chaudhuri - A Sandeep’s CULT is a brilliant book covering the dos and the don’ts for today’s CEOs

Management Guru Arindam Chaudhuri Dean Business School IIPM

Indian MP Priti Patel along with many other British MPs and Lords joined in to celebrate ‘India Rising’ as IIPM Think Tank and Planman launched two iconic books CULT and Indian Power Brands in the presence of global politicians, business tycoons, leaders and celebrities. Guy Kawasaki launched Arindam Chaudhuri and A Sandeep’s CEO guide CULT and Canadian MP Dr Ruby Dhalla launched Indian Power Brands in London recently.

CULT — a leadership and business strategy book written by management gurus, Arindam Chaudhuri and A Sandeep — smashes the dearth of business books with quite some aplomb, and more. Not only does this hard hitting 450 page CEO treatise devastate currently held notions on strategy and leadership at the top level, it also presents electrifying new global theories on how to build and manage transnational corporations.

While many management books forward premises and supposed solutions that are hypothetical at the worst and conjecture-driven at the best (especially those books that develop management theories mistakenly based just on what singular, well-known icons have followed), CULT supports each and every CEO leadership and business strategy that it presents — many of which the authors themselves have implemented in their personal CEO experiences — with massive secondary research and scholarly material. The book is a brilliant primer covering the dos and the don’ts for today’s CEOs of global corporations.

The book is concisely separated into two main focus areas — leadership and business strategy. The verbosity of the authors in brutally criticising today’s CEOs is commendable, with none of the accusations that the authors throw on today’s CEOs (some of who, the authors prove, are almost criminally destroying the organisation’s wealth) failing to miss its mark. At the same time, the authors leave no expenses in their praise for the sincerely committed CEOs, many who are named in the innumerable examples and research nuggets within CULT.

In this book, it is mentioned that if “research and development” is an immediate negative strategy, then “diversification” is a supremely positive one. If having “women CEOs” may bring down shareholders’ wealth, then ensuring that family businesses aren’t run by the successors of founding families, actually increases the same wealth. If “CSR” should never be practiced, then “celebrity endorsements” necessarily should be. The authors also specifically mention that CULT is meant for the hallowed class of CEOs of transnational corporations.

For starters, if they have invested their invaluable few pennies in the stock of any global company, this book provides them an immediate benchmark to rate their CEO (and the company) against the world’s best performing ones.

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